OK Falls/Penticton

The perfect location for the OK Falls Classic. 

Race. Community. Vacation. Friends and Family. 

Okanagan Falls is located (21 km) north of Oliver and (19 km) south of Penticton.


Okanagan Falls is located on the south tip of Skaha Lake and is named after the little falls that were situated at the end of the lake where it flows into the Okanagan River. The valley is actually an extension of the Columbia Basin and is the only temperate desert in Canada.

Skaha Lake is one of the warmest lakes in Canada and is edged with beautiful sandy beaches and parks all within walking distance of the commercial area. The community also boasts one of the mildest climates in Canada which allows residents & visitors to enjoy the many recreation facilities available.

From beaches to bluffs, whether you are cycling along the old Kettle Valley Railroad which runs along the west edge of the lake, or enjoying world-class climbing at Skaha Bluffs and surrounding areas, Okanagan Falls has something for everyone.

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What is OK Falls’s elevation?

OK Falls has an elevation of 351 meters (1,151 ft). 


What is the expected air temperature in July in OK Falls?

28 degrees Celcius July average high
12 degrees Celcius July average low


What is the expected water temperature in July in Skaha Lake?

The water temperature in July is around 23 degrees Celsius or 74 degrees Fahrenheit.



The Okanagan has something for the whole family to enjoy during your stay.